Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Main Scoring Areas Galaxy SIII Over the SII

Everything has a life span and mobile handsets are no exceptions. A handset comes to the market with lots of new things to offer, the market opens its arms and the handset becomes the talk of the town. Soon afterwards a new handset comes with a couple of newer or modified offerings and the previous item becomes posthumous. The same thing seems to be happening to the Samsung Galaxy SII, which after the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy SIII has seen a couple of price cuts, just to keep the handset going. Lets find out what are the main differences between the two of them.

The Size Difference
Both the handsets sport the same display - the Super AMOLED capacitive screen. But Galaxy S III has not just the bigger screen size with 4.8 inch but has far better pixel resolution of 720x1280p as well. No need to say that with 4.3 inch screen size and 480x800p resolution, the Galaxy SII finds itself tottering.

The Processing Capabilities
The Galaxy SII was not slow, by no means, it had 1.2GHz dual core Cortex A9 processor, which was seconded by a 1GB RAM. But the newer thing has a 1.4GHz quad core processor, which is well complimented by a 1GB RAM. Even a blind man can feel the difference between a dual core and a single core processor. 
The Battery Spec
In reply to Galaxy SII’s 1650 mAh battery the Galaxy SIII sports a 2100 mAh battery, which is conspicuously larger and more efficient than the former handset.

Three Memory Avatars of the SIII
The Samsung Galaxy SII comes in two memory avatars -16GB and 32GB- as far as the Storage capacity of the phone is concerned; the Samsung Galaxy S III comes in three memory avatars -16/32/64GB. The more option offered the more customers attracted. Plus SIII gives expansion facility of up to 64GB, the SII can manage the same till 32GB.

Additional Features
The Samsung Galaxy SIII offers unique features in multitude, I have picked five of them for you:
1.      You can set your Internet data usage limit by this phone that proves very helpful if you have a limited data plan.
2.      SIII has S voice which is widely deemed as a potent counterpart to Apple’s SIRI.
3.      You can customize the lock screen according to your choice and liking
4.      You can hide the unwanted software and apps which come preinstalled on your mobile handset.
5.      You can create your own vibration alerts with the help of this handset, just like a few years ago we were allowed to make our own MIDI ringtones for the first time. 

Last words
Yes, it is true that the SIII is a superior handset in almost all the areas, but it is also equally true that the Galaxy SII is still one of the best handsets on the face of earth. Plus you have to pay 10K less for the handset. But hey, the Samsung Galaxy SIII reigns supreme at the present moment. Magnum opus. 

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