Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Spice Stellar Horizon Mi-500 : Phablet in Review

Are you guys thinking that the Samsung Galaxy Note is too expensive to grasp in your hand and flaunt in front of your buddies? No need to worry. Spice is coming up with a gigantic handset to please you all – Spice Stellar Horizon Mi-500- which will hit the market by 1st week of October. This post, dear readers, would not just give you a full view of the phablet but also tell you that it is not necessary to spend a 30K for a 5 inch phone. So, why wait, let’s divulge into a review.

First and the most eye catching thing about the handset is its intimidating size, the sheer 5inch size of the device takes it in a league where there are only couple of other handsets to give company(read competition). The big 5 inch screen is full of vivacious colors and the touch is superb, for crisp images an 800x480p resolution has been incorporated to the screen . And the sensors like proximity sensor and accelerometer sensor 3(D) add glitter to glory.
Moving on, the phone has a 5MP camera on the rear side of the body and a VGA one on the front side for video chat and self portrait. The main camera is supported by a dual LED flash. And there is no need to say that the camera has no dearth of additional features, such as auto focus, portrait, landscape & other modes, and various effects. I am, here affixing some of the pics taken from the phone camera itself.

For the speed lovers the handset offers a Dual processor, which has a clock speed of 1GHz. The superfast processor is backed by a 512MB RAM, the combination is lethal, pretty lethal.
In the connectivity segment there is Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hotspot, USB connectivity, GPRS, and HSPA. With the 3G(HSPA) capability the phone is at the same pedestal with handsets like the Samsung Galaxy Note.  In addition the handset has a dual SIM support as well.
If one wants to peep into the battery capabilities of the handset, it has a Li-Ion 2400 mAh battery, which without doubt is one of the high points of the handset.
Moving towards the Operating System of the handset, it has got the best in the business – Android IceCream Sandwich 4.0 (ICS). As far as apps are concerned, we are all familiar with the fact that how big the Play Store range is in this regard. You can just download and use apps or games of your choice. In addition, there are GPS and Google maps to help you in unfamiliar territories.  
No, we are not finished yet; I know that most of you like your handsets to be stylish in looks, so I am not expected to end the review without describing how the handset looks. Its rectangular accent makes it much similar to Note or Samsung Galaxy SII, or with an iPhone, if you can imagine a stretched version of it. That itself suffices the looks. This look and feel video would tighten the remaining loose screws, if there are any.

Plus, you get the preloaded NetQin app to make your Android experience safe form unwanted malware, absolutely free. Plus you get pre-loaded apps like WhatsApp, Dhingana, and Facebook to make your experience even sweeter.   
So, what do you think of the handset, is it worth your while or not, kindly let me know through your comments, no need to say how much we treasure your remarks here at india-mobilewatch.blogspot.in.        
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  1. When is this going to be released in India? And at what price?

    1. but it was launched at 12K. Pl check the thee link below


  2. Can u plz post some vedeo reviews of the phone.it will b better to see the performance of the phone bfore buying it.phone specs looks gud in paper.lets hope for the best in performance

  3. thanks but what is the gpu ??

  4. please upload more video for review so that we can see performance also.As you have handset just play some hd games and show how much ram free at a time.

  5. please upload some video while playing hd games and show how much ram left when nothing in background.If you have the handset than you can do that.Shows us benchmark score also.You will become number one website if you do that.

  6. Which is the processor they are using for this mobile n wat abt gpu

  7. tarita,vrinda&avinash-thnx a lot for ur superrbb review...
    but r u guys sure dat it'll hit market by 1st week of october..
    plz reply..:-)
    coz i had been w8in for past 3 months...

  8. Fix it wil on oct. 12 in india?

    1. From wher did u got this handset its not available on any online sites or in any spice hotspot. Then hw did u got it pls reply

  9. Thanks for your review... I have been following this phone since June ... Any specific date... when the phone will finally be out :)

  10. Great review guys. Got a couple of questions.
    Does it have any mods to ICS?
    Can we please see a screenshot/pic of the dialler screen and the notification area?
    Are there shortcuts to wifi, data, silent, bluetooth etc in the notification area?
    Does the dialler support SIM selection i.e two call buttons?
    Is there smartdial to easily access numbers from dialler itself?
    How much internal memory is allocated to apps 500MB or 1GB?
    How are the viewing angles of the screen?
    Can it play 1080p video smoothly in MX player?
    Does it support popular 3d/HD games like NOVA3, NFS, and Asphalt 7?
    How is the data speed? Are there any call dropping issues?
    Your unit had a broken screen. Does this mean it doesn't have toughened glass like Gorilla glass?

  11. this phone comes with a dual core 1ghz cortex-a9 cpu along with a powervr sgx 531(better than adreno200 and comparable to adreno 205 which is found in htc one v) gpu..may be at this specs this phone will be able to run hd gameloft games..as far as i know it will definitly play hd videos with the help of mx player...just wait for the reviews..

  12. Spice Stellar Horizon Mi-500 camera quality better then karbonn a18 yes or no...plz tell me guysss??????

  13. Please Review it Full Specs in 10-15 Mins Video Review ASAP ....
    Thanks in Advance ,
    Regards ,