Friday, 27 April 2012

Micromax Unveils A50 Superphone Ninja with iPhone Like Feature

Indian handset maker Micromax has taken veils off the “iPhone like” handset of its own, which is attributed the name of Ninja, yes, Micromax A50 Superphone Ninja. Yes, the handset sports a voice driven app which is called AISHA(Artificial Intelligence Speech Handset Assistant), it does what SIRI does for the iPhone, works on a voice command. Folks, I know this comparison is a little superfluous, but hey, to come up with a handset which works on voice command is, for an Indian company, a massive achievement in itself. Let us explore the handset inside out.   

Before divulging into the handset’s corporal details, I must mention the price of the gadget that will help you in making up your mind about what this all new handset is all about; the price of the handset is INR 4999. And at that low a price the Ninja offers you Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread operating system. In the processor segment the Ninja has 650MHz chip, which is seconded by a 256MB RAM. The handset has a memory expansion capacity of up to 32GB via microSd card.
If we talk about the dimension of the phone it has 113 x 61 x 13 mm of dimension and the TFT LCD screen of the mobile is 3.1 inches which supports 65K colors. Moving towards the camera specification of the handset, it has got a 2 MP camera on the posterior which can record you videos too. Unfortunately there is no front camera on offer.
The handset offers a 1200mAh battery, which happens to be the same specification that the Samsung Galaxy Y sports.

For the Internet fanatics the Ninja has an Android Browser in addition to the built in Google search. There is WAP 2.0 protocol. The other built in apps include: Document Editor, Ibibo, Saavn, Anitivirus, Google Talk, Google Search, YouTube, Android Market, MApps, Gmail, Google Maps, SNS integration.
It looks like the Gurgaon based company is taking innovation to an unbelievably higher level, nothing like anything folks. What say you guys.   
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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Facebook unveils the Antivirus Marketplace

All the Facebook fanatics have news to be happy; the giant social network announced the Antivirus Marketplace yesterday and has sent the invite to the players like the Microsoft corporation, McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos, and Symantec to the Facebook security family.

 “Starting today, we will be incorporating the combined intelligence of McAfee, Microsoft, TrendMicro, Sophos, and Symantec to Facebook's existing database of malicious URLs, and offering a wide selection of anti-virus software to our users. This program will help us provide even better protections to those using Facebook, no matter where they are on the web,” Facebook’s official page revealed.
The Facebook users will be able to download the full versions of the antivirus and that too without being charged a single penny. They will be able to download the licenses of any of the aforementioned antivirus for six months. This will further strengthen the Facebook’s already existing URL blacklisting system which at the present moment checks billions and billions of clicks per day.  

And that is not all folks, the said companies will be regularly contributing to the security Blog of Facebook and will be providing important materials all the time.
Folks, the Facebook Antivirus Marketplace will be available for both the Windows and Mac OS.
Long live the legacy of Facebook and its corporate collaborations!
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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III: Expected Specs, Review

All the Android lovers allaround the world are waiting eagerly for the announcement of the Samsung GalaxyS III, which is going to carry the baton after the Samsung Galaxy II made history byits thundering success in the market across the globe. And the big announcementis going to occur in the first week of May that happens to be the next month. Inthis article we will be discussing the expected tech specs of the said handset.So let’s start.
This handset is, in accordancewith the expectations attached to it, is not just going to be a better handset thanits previous avatar, but will be bigger too. Yes, the handset is expected to sport ahumongous screen size of 4.6 to 4.7 inches. The mobile phone will have a Super AMOLED display like the S II but the resolution is much higher in the newerversion, 720x1280p. Cool.
Now, if we turn our attention towards the processing capacity of the handset it will be offering the users a 1.4GHz quad core processor, yes a quad core one. To second the fast processorit will have 1GB of RAM. The internal storage capacity of the handset will be16GB which could be furthered till 48 GB via a 32GB microSD card.
The 8MP rear camera of the handsetmight not sound a captivating proposition but the picture quality will surely surpriseyou. Then, there is a 1.3 MP camera on the front of the handset for selfportrait and video chat. In the battery segment the Samsung Galaxy S III willbe having a 1650mAh standard Li-Ion battery that will give the users a talktime of 18 hours and a stand by time of 710 hours.
Now, in the data segment, thehandset will be having GPRS and EDGE, there will be Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth,USB, and yes, NFC. The S III will appear on the shelves with ICS 4.0 OS onboard.For the net surfers the handset will have Adobe Flash support. The phone willbe fully loaded with sensors, image and document editor, there will be SNS integration, active noise cancellation, TV out, and full range of Google apps.
The prospect is hot, isn’t it !
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Sony Xperia S with Smart NFC Tags

Friday, 13 April 2012

Sony Xperia S with Smart NFC Tags

When the Sony Xperia S was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year many took it to be just another smartphone from the maker. But when it actually appeared on the shelves it was found to be one gem of a handset.

This handset has 12MP camera on the back, 32GB storage capacity, 1.5GHz dual core processor, and 1GB RAM. It runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread and in the future it can be upgraded to the latest and the best ICS 4.0 in the future. It has got a lot of features and apps inside it, but what we are going to discuss today is a novelty for the most of the users- the NFC functioning. This is the thing that makes the handset not just happening but a major tool of convenience. Let us go a little deeper.   
The SonyXperia S comes with two NFC tags that might seem quite mundane to the naked eye but as soon as the user get acquainted with them  he comes to understand what miracles the Xperia S can perform with just one touch from the tags. All the user has to do is to do the desired settings for either of the tags and after switching on the NFC feature of the Xperia S just let the handset touch the tag. Done.

Either in the office or at home you can get your desired functions (no matter how many) on by just one touch.  So there is no need to switch on the Wi-Fi, alarm, silent mode or vibrate mode, or music player like spotify separately. Everything can be done by just one NFC move.
And folks, when the contactless money transfer become popular(it will, in the near future) you can even kill the plastic money by your mobile handsdet, that is Sony Xperia S.
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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

HTC One X Vs. HTC Titan II: Android against Windows

One phone is among the best Android handsets in the world and other enjoys the repute of being the biggest Windows phone ever and surely one of the best too. And the most interesting thing is both the handsets come from the same parent company. OK, no more conjecturing; we are talking about the HTC One X and the HTC Titan II. This article is an attempt to compare both the handsets one against another.

Hardware comparison  
Till date the world has not seen a dual core processor on  a Windows phone and the Titan II is no exception, it sports a 1.5GHz single core processor, which is seconded by a 512MB RAM. On the other hand, the HTC One X sports a quad core processor, which has a clock speed of 1.5GHz and the processor is well complimented by a 1GB RAM. The HTC One X wins this round hands down.
Storage capacity
The HTC Titan II has a 16GB all flash memory where as the HTC One X sports a 32GB memory out of which 26GB is available for the users. Neither of the handsets can have their storage capacity expanded via Bluetooth. HTC One X has 10GB advantage over the Titan II.

Display Feature
The HTC One X has a Super IPS LCD 2 screen, which has a resolution of 1280x400p and with a screen size of 4.7 inches, the ppi becomes 312. Plus to protect the screen from scratches and damages, it has got the Corning Gorilla Glass cover. The HTC Titan II in reply has S-LCD screen with the resolution of 400x800p and with the screen size of 4.7 inch the ppi becomes 199. It is not that the Titan II is bad; One X is better.
The HTC one X has a 8MP camera on the posterior, which is an autofocus one and has features like LED   Flash,      simultaneous HD video and image recording, geo-  tagging, face and smile detection, the camera can record HD videos at 1080p. For self portrait and video chat it has a 1.3 MP camera on the front. The other gadget in the  question, the Titan II sports an intimidating 16 MP camera on the back side of the body, which also is an auto focus one and has features like dual-LED Flash, Geo-tagging, BSI sensor, image stabilization, face detection. The camera can record HD videos at 720p. In addition there is an 1.3MP camera on the front side. No prizes for guessing, the Titan is the victor here.
Size and Dimension
The One X has a dimension of 134.4 x 69.9 x 8.9 mm and weighs around 130g, which can be called feather light at the minimum. The Titan in reply has a dimension of 132 x 69 x 13 mm and weighs around 147g. As said earlier both the handsets sport a 4.7 inch screen. I would keep both the phones at the same level in this segment.

The One X has a standard 1800mAh Li-Polymer battery and the Titan sports a standard Li-Ion 1730mAh battery. I would prefer Li-Polymer over Li-Ion any day, hence the One X.
Other Features
In the software section the One X has ICS 4.0 onboard, which happens to be the latest best Android till date. The Titan II runs Windows 7.5 Mango OS, which is a state of art operating system from Microsoft. Talking about the data, both the handsets have EDGE, GPRS, HSDPA, HSUPA, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth, and USB 2.0. All the other features remain more or less the same.
The Verdict
After comparing both the handsets head to head, we find that the One X is a superior handset; not because the Titan II is a poor phone but because the One X is a champion mobile phone. I give my sincere recommendation to the HTC One X, this is the thing to go for!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Airtel Announces 4G Services in India

Bharti Airtel is going to be the first service provider to launch the 4G services in India; the service will commence from the cityhood of Kolkata. One of the top brass official of the company said with credence that the 4G will be at least 10 times faster than the previous 3G services.
This might sound unbelievable to the ordinary ears but it is true that the download speed on the 4G network on the move will be 100Mbps and at a fixed point the same will be 1Gbps. Fast.
 The services on offer would include those which can be intercepted and will be available for scrutiny to all the security agencies.
Bharti Airtel, last week, announced that it has brought in the Chinese equipment market ZTE to plan, design, supply, and deploy its BWA network in Kolkata.
The company has appointed Nokia Siemens network for building and operating the 4G network in the Maharastra circle using one of the 4G technologies called LTE. Airtel has won BWA spectrum in the year 2010 at 3314 crore for four regions: Kolkata, Maharastra, Punjab, and Karnataka. And it was allocated 20MHz of BWA spectrum in 2.3GHz frequency band.

Now, that the 4G has made its debut it is to be seen that what the price tag it sports and how does it fare in the market. With the arrival of other players in the field the price is expected to decline. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed!
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Micromax Funbook, an Ultimate Substitute to Aakash Tablet

This post, by no means, is a comparison between the Aakash and Micromax Funbook, because that will be comparing chalk with cheese; no need to say that which one of the two is cheese in this case. After the sudden and painful demise of Aakash- the brain child of the government of India- the need of a education centric tablet pc was felt by all. The search seems to be ending with the emergence of the Funbook in the market. We will try to find out what the Micromax Funbook is all about.

I would like to take you on a walk in the hardware section of the tablet. The machine comes preloaded with 1.2GHz Cortex A8 dual core processor, which is well complimented by a 512MB RAM. The machine has a 4GB internal storage capacity, which can be furthered till 32GB via microSD card. In the display column it has a screen of 7 inches, which happens to be a TFT LCD screen with a resolution of 800x480p; the screen supports 16M colors.

Unlike the Aakash, Micromax Funbook does sport a front camera of 0.3MP, which captures crystal clear pics and allows the users to video chat the 21st century way. Battery of the Funbook is not as exciting as it should be, it is a Li-Ion 2800mAh, which gives you a work time of around 5 hours.
Now, going towards the software section, we find that the Funbook has latest and the best Android till date, the IceCream Sandwich 4.0 onboard. For the avid net users the tablet comes bundled with Tata Photon Plus 3G dongle.
Then in the multimedia section of the tablet there is a music player, which supports MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, FLAC, APE, 3GP, and WAV. There is also a video player that supports almost all the formats. There is a picture viewer too. In the connectivity segment it has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, and, of course, USB 2.0, it can connect to the 3G network via a 3G dongle.
The tablet comes in two colors: Slate Grey and Midnight Black. As far as the pricing of the tablet is concerned, it has been given a price tag of 7999 INR; but you can get a 19% off on the machine if you buy it online from
This tablet is surely going to impact the market with its Edutainment values. And yes, Micromax Funbook is a complete made in India product. Check it out.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Micromax to Launch a Solar Mobile Phone

Ever since it came into existence, the Gurgaon based handset maker Micromax has been the epitome of innovative technological prowess of the country. From the year 2008 when the company launched its first phone which had a 30 day battery life to its latest plan to launch a handset which will run on the solar energy it has remained the same - innovation personified.  
The thing might, at the first moment, seem to be supercilious but it is not. The handset has been designed for the rural part of the country where there is very little or no power supply. The phone that can work on the solar energy could prove to be a boon to the rural folks.     
It is speculated that the handset will give the user a talk time of 1.5 hours if it is charged in the sun for a period of 3 hours. Sources say that the launch may occur as soon as next week but the company has maintained a mum over the pricing of the proposed gadget. But there are expectations that the handset will be priced under 2000 bucks.
“We have been at the forefront of innovation. We were the first to launch long battery life phones, dual SIM phones and many more. Our next innovation is to get rid of the mobile phone charger by including a solar panel in our next phone”, Rahul Sharma the co-founder of the company told the media.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Ashton Kutcher is to Play Steve Jobs in a Movie

Former husband of actress Demi Moore, actor Ashton Kutcher is all set to portray the character of the tech giant and visionary Steve Jobs in a indie movie. The production of the movie will begin in the month of May this year. Mr. Kutcher, who happens to be enjoying a much deserved break from his CBS series, “Two and a Half Men”, seems to be all excited at the golden opportunity, and why shouldn’t he be.

The most evident credential that seems to have gotten him the job is the striking resemblance between his personality and that of Mr. Job’s. The picture below will explain the rest.

Mr. Kutcher is among the most tech savvy personalities in Hollywood and is in love with Apple products, especially the iPad. The evidence of his tech savvyness can be found in the fact that he happens to be one of the earliest users of the micro blogging site Twitter and has over 10 million followers on the same.

The sources say that the movie will be focusing on the early part of Apple founder’s life and the same of the Apple Inc., the moving will commence from 1971, the year when the giant company came into existence.

“He’s working with professionals to get inside the voice. He’s letting his hair grow out. I understand he’s canceled all meetings and actually canceled all other projects,” said Mark Hulme, the producer. “He believes the role was meant for him.”

The director of the movie Joshua Michael Stern is also very excited at the prospect. He goes on to say that: This project is so significant that I don’t want any actor to come onboard who don’t believe in it and think that it’s award-worthy.

Let us see how much content is underneath the fizz, and keep our fingers crossed.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Samsung Omnia W Vs. Acer Allegro: A Comparison

It might be a little difficult for some of the guys to believe but it is true that there is life beyond the two giants: Android and iOS. I am talking ablout the Windows Phone OS, which is quickly making strong inroads into the seroiuly thick market of both the operating systems. The super high end devices like the Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II has speeded up the process for the Windows Phone operating system.
But here we are going to talk about two of the middle range smartphones which are powered by the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango OS.They are: Acer Allegro and Samsung Omnia W. So without further ado let us get involved into a head to head comparison of both the devices.

The Samsung Omnia W has a single core processor which has a clock speed of 1.4GHz the processor is well complimented by a 512 MB RAM. In the Chipset segment the omnia W has a Qualcomm MSM8255. On the other hand the Acer Allegro has a 1GHz Scorpian processor with the same chipset and same RAM memory. Samsung Omnia W holds the edge here.
Storage Capacity
The Samsung Omnia W has an 8GB storage capacity but there is no space for memory card expansion. The same goes true with the other handset. So both of the mobile phones are at the same pedestal.
In the display section of the comparison the Omnia W has a 3.7 inch screen, which happens to be a Super AMOLED WVGA one with a resolution of 800x440p. On the other hand the Acer Allegro has a 3.6 inch TFT screen with the same pixel resolution. Here too the Samsung Omnia W holds the edge.

The Omnia W has a 5MP camera on the rear side with auto focus and LED Flash. There is a VGA camera on the front too for self portrait and video chat. The Allegro too has an auto focus camera of 5MP with auto focus but it lacks the camera on the front side. No prizes for guessing; Omnia W wins here hands down.
Dimension and Size
The Samsung Omnia W has a dimension of 115.9 x 58.8 x 10.9 mm and weight of the handset is around 115g. It has been stated that the handset has a 3.7 inch screen. The other handset in contention, the Acer Allegro has a dimension of 116 x 59 x 13 mm and the weight of the handset is 126g. Again, the Omnia W emerges victor.
Battery of a handset is as important as any of the specifications. The Omnia w sports a Li-Ion 1500mAh battery whereas the other handset has a Li-Ion 1300mAh battery.

Data Connectivity
Samsung Omnia W has Bluetooth 2.1 and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n. There is USB 2.0. It has GPRS and EDGE to show off. Acer Allegro in the same segment has identical offerings. Both the phones support 3G data connectivity.
Both the handsets will be costing the users around twenty thousand bucks. Acer might prove to be a tad loftier than the Omnia W.
The Verdict
Samsung Omnia W, in all the sections of the head to head comaprison, has proved to be a little ahead than the Acer Allegro, plus the price tag is also in favor of the Omnia W. There is the reputation of Samsung which makes the Omnia W a better choice between the two handsets. But, it has to be said that Acer Allegro is, by no means, closer to being a bad handset.

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