Monday, 9 April 2012

Airtel Announces 4G Services in India

Bharti Airtel is going to be the first service provider to launch the 4G services in India; the service will commence from the cityhood of Kolkata. One of the top brass official of the company said with credence that the 4G will be at least 10 times faster than the previous 3G services.
This might sound unbelievable to the ordinary ears but it is true that the download speed on the 4G network on the move will be 100Mbps and at a fixed point the same will be 1Gbps. Fast.
 The services on offer would include those which can be intercepted and will be available for scrutiny to all the security agencies.
Bharti Airtel, last week, announced that it has brought in the Chinese equipment market ZTE to plan, design, supply, and deploy its BWA network in Kolkata.
The company has appointed Nokia Siemens network for building and operating the 4G network in the Maharastra circle using one of the 4G technologies called LTE. Airtel has won BWA spectrum in the year 2010 at 3314 crore for four regions: Kolkata, Maharastra, Punjab, and Karnataka. And it was allocated 20MHz of BWA spectrum in 2.3GHz frequency band.

Now, that the 4G has made its debut it is to be seen that what the price tag it sports and how does it fare in the market. With the arrival of other players in the field the price is expected to decline. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed!
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