Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Spice Stellar Craze Mi-355 vs HTC Wildfire S

In my last post I drew a comparison between Spice’s soon to be releasing, Stellar Craze Mi-355 and Samsung’s Galaxy Y. We found out that the Spice Stellar Craze is not just a better phone but is a thousand bucks cheaper than the other handset. Today I am going to put it against the other market ruler, the Wildfire S from HTC, which is a force to reckon with in the smartphone world globally. So let’s jump into a head to head comparison, without further ado.

Look and Feel
The Wildfire S has a screen size of 3.2 inch whereas the Spice Stellar has a 3.5 inch screen but the 119x64x12 mm dimension of the Spice handset is such that it can neither be called ergonomic nor stylish, though the makers have tried to give it a rectangular iPhone like look but they seem to have not been so successful with their endeavor. Wildfire S all the way.

In the CPU segment the HTC Wildfire S comes packed with an 600MHz, seconded by a 512MB RAM processor and in reply the Spice Stellar has a conspicuously superior processor of 800MHz, which is well complimented by a 512 MB RAM. No need to say that the Spice Stellar is more powerful here.

Storage capacity
The expandable storage capacity of either of the handsets is 32GB but the internal storage capacity of the Wildfire S, which happens to be 418MB, is almost three times bigger than that of the Spice handset. Wildfire S.

Display and Camera Specifications
The 3.5 inch LCD TFT screen of Spice Stellar Mi-355 has a 480x320 p resolution, which makes the images and visuals crispier and interesting. The other handset in question, the HTC Wildfire S houses a 3.2 inch screen, has the same resolution as Stellar thus has a higher ppi. This goes as a draw.

The most amazing thing about the Spice Stellar Mi-355 is the presence of a secondary camera that is a rarity in its price bracket. Now, both the handsets house a 5MP primary camera, HTC has a LED flash, which is replied befittingly by a dual LED flash of the other handset. With a camera on the front side the Stellar wins, wins by a margin.

Connectivity, Battery, and OS
In the connectivity segment both the handsets have 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity. Battery spec of the HTC Desire S says that it has a standard 1230mAh Li-Ion battery, which is significantly smaller than the 1420mAh battery of the Spice Stellar Mi-355.
Both the handsets are Android driven handsets and both of them run the same version of the OS, Android Gingerbread.  

The Verdict
Yes, the form factor of the HTC is better so is the Storage capacity, but are these the specs and is the difference so big that the we should pay additional four thousand(Spice is priced at 6k and HTC at 10K), the answer is NO.

The Spice Stellar has a front camera, better battery, bigger display, and faster CPU, which make it a better handset. And the dirt cheap price tag is the icing on the cake. All green for the Spice Mi-355, thumbs up.

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  1. akshay kajrolkar30 July 2012 at 01:48

    hey vrinda i want to buy this phone......
    can u tell me whics one should i choose????
    KARBONN A9 or SPICE MI-355?????
    and 1 more..... is karbonn A9 upgradeable to ICS v4.0???
    pls REPLY...!!!!!!!!!

    1. @ akshay..Let me first answer the last part of the question, No the Karbonn A9 is not upgradable to ICS 4.0 but the Mi-355 is. Now as far as which handset is better for you; if you compare the handset on paper the A9 might seem the better one but the difference is so minute that you will hardly feel the difference, and if you really find the difference the additional 3000 bucks will negate them. Go for Mi-355, I am vouching for it.

  2. Dear Vrinda, I want to buy a budget android phone. When comparing spice mi 355 & Karbonn a5, it seems that I can go for Karbonn a5 considering same specs but lesser price. I do not bother about camera & ICS upgrade. Whether my choice is right?

    1. Yeah RAMS you are right, absolute right, but bucks you are paying in addition will give you a handset that has more shelf life than the A5. I am not saying that the A5 will disappoint you but the longevity of the Spice Mi35 is slightly better than all its counterparts. So i would recommend Spice Mi-355.

  3. hey vrinda, what about touch sensitivity of this phone ? Is it worth buying? Please reply

  4. I own this it's amazing phone I dont type my sms just speak to it. net speed pretty decent. The value for money phone. I would like to know how to activate 3g in this phone.

  5. Hi i want to buy this phone ...
    can u tell me which one should i choose?
    Samsung Galaxy Y and Spice Mi 355 pls help me...