Monday, 9 July 2012

Samsung to Bring Bigger Galaxy Note in August

Was the Galaxy Note big enough for you, if not, Galaxy Note 2- a different version, a bigger one, is coming to your way in the later part of August. Yes the Big handset has got bigger and to certain extent, better. I am going to put both the handsets one against another to draw a contrast between them.
The Size
The newer handset, which is expected to emerge for the public viewing at the IFA conference in Germany, is expected to be 0.2 inch bigger than the current Galaxy Note, which boasts a monolithic size of 5.3 inch, though the size of the handset is going to be unadulterated.

The bigger the size the bigger the CPU configuration; yes, that is what going to be with the Note 2. The CPU of the Samsung Galaxy Note is 1.4GHz Arm Cortex A-9 processor, the processor clock speed is expected to be a little higher in the Galaxy Note 2. Some tech pundits also expect that the Note 2 will come to light with the same quad core processor that appears on the chipset of the Samsung Galaxy SIII earlier this year.
The Operating System
The Galaxy Note appeared with Android Gingerbread onboard with a planned upgrade to ICS while the Note 2 will hit the retail shelves with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, not need to say that the Jelly Bean is the latest and the best Android OS till date.

The RAM in the current Note is 1GB, the expected RAM in the Note is going to be 1.5 GB, and that is a huge leap.
The Camera
8MP camera was not an extra-ordinary trait for a device like Galaxy Note, which falls in the above Rs. 30,000 range. But the newer version, Galaxy Note 2, is going to exceed the expectation, donning a 12MP photo snapper. Mouthwatering.

Now, that I have thrown some light on the new Note 2, readers must have understood that what a mind numbing proposition the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is going to be. Fingers crossed.  

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