Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Samsung Galaxy Y Vs. Samsung Galaxy Y Duos : Budget Android Phones in Comparison

In one of my older posts I compared two budget Android handsets for you: Galaxy Y and Galaxy Pocket. Today, I am going to compare two budget Android handsets again, this time it is Samsung Galaxy Y versus Samsung Galaxy Y Duos. Both of them are well below the five digit mark and both of them are doing quite well in the market. But as they say a thing is as good as your need and liking in it lies. So let us divulge into a head to head comparison.

The Price Tag 
As said earlier, both the handsets are well below the 10K mark; the Galaxy Y comes for 7.5K INR and the Y Duos costs the users 8.5K. The Galaxy Y comes for thousand rupees less but we will find out in the later half of the article is it worth spending the additional 1000 bucks for the Samsung Y Duos or not.

Hardware Head to Head  
The Galaxy Y and the Y Duos, both the handsets sport a 830 MHz processor, which is well complimented by a 290MB RAM. So, there is nothing much to choose as far as the CPU and RAM are concerned. Moving to the storage capacity of the handsets, the Y has an internal storage capacity of 180MB whereas the other handset in the comparison, the Y Duos has a 160MB capacity. Both of them have the same expansion capacity – 32GB. Y holds a slight edge here.
In the camera segment the Galaxy Y has a 2MP camera on the back side of the body in reply, the Y Duos sports a 3MP cam on the posterior. None of the handsets have a secondary camera on the front side of the body. You might think (you have all the valid reasons to think that way) that the Duos has an advantage in this segment, but I would like to tell you, folks, that both of the cameras are not strong enough and both of them take somewhat similar pics.

In the battery segment the Y has a Li-Ion 1200 mAh battery, the Duos comes packed with Li-Ion 1300 mAh battery; but again the end result, which, in this case is the talk time and the standby time and music & video functioning time is somewhat similar. Due to smaller size and single SIM Y stands a little taller here.

The display of the Y is just 3 inches and in reply the Y Duos come with a 3.14 inch screen. Both the handsets have the similar pixel resolution of 320x 240. Duos, with a bigger screen size, wins this  section hands down. 

As far as the connectivity is concerned both of the handsets have GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Bluetooth, USB, and Wi-Fi connectivity.
Software Segment
In the operating system segment both of the handsets are Android Gingerbread driven devices. Hence, they have the full version of Google Play to visit and download software and apps.

Friends, the two of the handsets possess Google Talk, YouTube, Email, Push Mail, IM, WAP support, Java, image viewer/editor, and Document viewer/editor.

The Verdict
10-12 hundred rupees are not that big a deal but no one does-and should not- throw away his hard earned money. Unless and until you have an utmost need of two numbers you should go for the Samsung Galaxy Y. Plus it is better looking than the Duos. I give my full and final recommendation to the Galaxy Y. I own it myself!      
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