Sunday, 27 May 2012

Budget Android Phones: Galaxy Y vs Galaxy Pocket

At the present moment the Indian market is flooded by a deluge of budget smartphones, almost all of them are Android driven handsets. Because of the number of such handsets it is very difficult for a common user to choose a smartphone which is in accordance with his need and does not harm his pocket too much. In order to alleviate the problem I am going to write this post where I shall be comparing two Samsung handsets running Android OS: Samsung Galaxy Y and Samsung Galaxy Pocket.
As I always do with budget smartphones, I will first tell you about the amount of money that the handsets will be costing you; if you plan your purchase, both the handsets will come under 7000 INR. Let’s talk about the features now.

In the processor and RAM segment both the handsets are somewhat similar. Both of them sport a 832GHz processor. Pocket has a 384 MB of RAM whereas the Y sports 290 MB of the same. Pocket seems to be having an upper hand, though a very small one.
In the display segment the Pocket has a 2.8 inch screen with 320x240 p resolution in reply the Galaxy Y has a 3 inch screen with the same pixel resolution. Pocket has support for 56K colors and the Galaxy has 256K. With bigger screen size and more number of colors the Galaxy Y takes the trophy home.

In the storage segment the Samsung Galaxy Pocket has a conspicuous advantage over the Galaxy Y as it has a 3GB internal storage and the storage capacity can be furthered till 35 GB via a 32 GB  microSD card; the Galaxy Y in this case seems to be tottering far behind the Pocket with a trifling 180 MB internal storage capacity. Y too sports the same memory expansion capacity.
Neither of the handsets can boast of having a tremendous camera spec in them; both of them sport a 2MP primary camera, neither of them has a camera on the front side of the body.  This round ends in a tie.
In the battery segment the Pocket has a 1200mAh li-Ion battery, which is capable of giving you a talk time of 17 hours and a stand by time of 33 days over the 2G network. The Galaxy y has in reply has the same battery spec,  the battery performs slightly better in this handset.
Both the devices are Android Gingerbread driven handsets. Both of the handsets support MMS, Push Mail, SNS integration,  both have EDGE and GPRS. Both have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hotspot functionality. Other features are also more or less the same.
The Verdict
It is very hard to judge the handsets on the basis of the features as there are very few things that differentiate them. So we will have to be judgmental on the basis of hardware specs. And in that case with bigger screen size and better looks the verdict goes in favor of the Samsung Galaxy Y. Plus it will cost a few bucks less.    
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