Sunday, 20 May 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III – Features and Images

I got a chance to experience the much hyped smartphone - Samsung Galaxy S III, at the training session arranged by Samsung at The Claridges Hotel at Delhi. After the success of the two great smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S II and Samsung Galaxy Note, I was curious to know, what the South Korean smartphone giant is going to bring in Samsung Galaxy S III. Thought of sharing the great features the device promises.

The advertisement of Samsung Galaxy S III tells it all..It understands you, shares what’s in your heart, keeps track of your loved ones, recognizes who you are, and follows your every move… Yes, it is more than a “Smartphone”, I may call it an “Extra Smart phone”. As the tagline says “Designed for humans and Inspired by nature”, Samsung has taken care to slip in the nature element in its every feature... The pebble like exterior and nature-inspired UI and ringtones are designed to give a soothing and relaxing experience to the users.

4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 is designed to give you fantastic color reproduction, vividness, and smoothness while you experience movies, photos, or texts on your SIII. The Corning Gorilla Glass 2, which is 20 times slimmer than the earlier Gorilla glass offers better protection to the handset from scratches.  Samsung claims that there is a 16% improvement in the power consumption, when compared with S II.

The 8MP camera has many new features to offer. Launching the camera is so easy.. You just need to touch the display and tilt the phone.. The camera is launched! The Burst Shot feature enables you to continuously capture fast moving objects up to 20 photos and with the Best photo feature, the device recommends the best photo among the 8 photos taken.

In the image gallery, you can tag your friends’ faces and register their names in SNS page.  Straight from image in gallery, you can connect to your friends through call, SMS, email or SNS, that means you can save a few clicks! Isn’t it great?

The camera is capable of HD video recording. What is more interesting is its ability to capture a photo, while recording Full-HD quality video. With the help of video stabilization feature, you can get great clips.

There are a few cool intelligent apps that come preloaded in the device. With the help of Smart Stay app, the device automatically recognizes, whether you are looking at the screen or not. When Smart Stay is activated, the front camera of the device keeps looking at your eyes and keeps the screen bright only when you use the device.

S Voice is an intelligent voice app. You can initiate S Voice and ask the device anything like “what’s the time now?” or “Launch calendar” or, “Call Jim” in English. It will act like a PA!

Direct Call is a gesture recognition app. If you feel to call your friend, when you check the message from him, all that you need to do is lift the phone to your ear. The phone makes the call automatically!

S Beam feature makes use of NFC to share docs, images, apps and web pages. With All Share Play app, you can share images, videos and other media with other Samsung devices like Smart TV.

S III offers seamless multi-tasking and super fast performance with its 1.4 GHz quad-core processor. What Samsung promises is 20% faster boot time, 17% faster app launches, and 28% faster browsing speed than Galaxy S II.

In the connectivity side, the device has Double speed W-Fi. You can experience double speed data connection with the same Wi-Fi network, with the help of Wi-Fi channel bonding technology. It has best in class Bluetooth (v 4.0), improved GPS capability with Glonass, and  faster NFC, though Wi-Fi direct!
Listed above are just a few among the great specs sheet. Keep checking for more details .

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