Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Spice Mi-425 vs Karbonn A9 : A comparison

The whole world knows that the India is a booming market for smartphones with its huge populace and the purchasing power of the middle class. But there is a section in the society which can’t afford the 40k handset. And for those, the companies like Spice, Karbon, Micromax, Lava, and other such makers make middle range smartphones, which function like high end gadgets and costs in four digits. Today I am going to paint a comparison between two such handsets, both are highly efficient and both cost you four digit sums: Spice Mi-425 and Karbonn A9.
Like the custom that we maintain, I would talk the price first; the Spice Mi-425 will cost you INR 9999 and for the A9 from Karbonn you will have to pay around INR 9100. Now that we are familiar with the price of both the handsets, without further ado we should divulge into a head to head comparison.

In the display segment the Spice Mi-425 has a 4 inch TFT LCD display, which has a good pixel resolution of 800x480p. And the handset supports more than 262K colors. The other handset in comparison has a 3.8 inch screen with the same pixel resolution. With similar features and bigger size this round belongs to the Spice Mi-425.
There is nothing much to differentiate the two devices in this segment. Both Spice Mi-425 and Karbonn A9 have a 1GHz processor and a 512 MB RAM. Both devices are quick and this round is a draw.
Storage Capacity
Both the handsets have the same memory expansion capacity of 32GB. And as far as the inbuilt storage capacity is concerned the Spice Mi-425 has a140 MB storage and the Karbonn A9 sports a 512 MB. Without doubt the Karbonn handset emerges victor in this duel.

Like the previous segment, here too the handsets are more similar than different. Both the handsets have a 5MP camera with auto focus on the rear side of the body and both of them sport a front camera for video chat and self portrait. Spice Mi-425 and Karbonn A9 are head to head in the camera section.
All the readers know how essential is the battery spec in performance of a smartphone . And in this vital section of the comparison, the Mi-425 has a Li-Ion 2000 mAh battery on offer whereas the A9 has a Li-Ion 1600 mAh battery. No need to say that the Mi-425 has a obvious advantage over the A9 here.
In the connectivity area the Spice handset has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, 3G connectivity, A9 also sports the similar features in this genera. I would once again call it a tie.
Both the handsets are Android driven devices, both of them run Gingerbread at the present moment. The Mi-425 will, in the coming time get a ICS upgrade and will become slightly more irresistible than the A9, hence the Mi-425 wins by a slight margin.

Both the handsets offer a lot of features like sensors, Multitouch, Dual-SIM, FM radio, and many more. Users taste will give the decision in this column of the comparison.
The Verdict
We have seen that how very similar these two handsets are in almost all the segments. But if I have to choose a handset between either of them I would, because of the bigger battery and screen size, go for the Spice Mi-425. Readers have to keep one thing firmly in their minds that the A9 is not a bad handset, Mi-425 is better.    
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  1. if the internal memory is 140 how can it be upgraded to ics which requires minimum 512 mb internal memory for upgrade? isnt it misleading the customers then?

    1. who told you that upgrade need 512 mb internal memory..... its wrong

  2. I m not convinced.a9 also has decent battery (1600 mah) and screen size of 3.8 which is enough while the spice handset goes an extra distance in these aspects.
    But mi425 offers 140 mb internal storgae which is not even decent while a9 has a decent 512 mb.plus a9 is cheaper.

    1. Spice mi-425 has 512MB RAM and 512 MB ROM (140MB user available)
      Isn't it good enough?
      I think Mi-425 is better

  3. spice mi is good battry nd scrn.
    i think mi 425 is better

  4. Spice Mi is ok but Samsung are king of smartphones these days Super HD Oled display are the best on the planet, Oled is the future :)

    1. In the same price range, which Samsung phone has the same features as that of Mi 425 or A9? OLED is superior technology which comes at a premium price.

  5. I use two SIMs, one for 3G , other for calling. I also use 3G for my regular internet connection (by creating wifi hotspot).
    I wish to know how good is mobile for handling two SIMs. Will it be possible to call from SIM2 & use internet on SIM1 (3G SIM)??

  6. One thing is wrong in this Karbonn A9 has 384 MB RAM and I am not sure about the Spice Mi-425.

  7. Karbonn have also promised an ICS update

  8. akshay kajrolkar30 July 2012 at 01:43

    hey vrinda i want to buy this phone......
    can u tell me whics one should i choose????
    KARBONN A9 or SPICE MI-355?????
    and 1 more..... is karbonn A9 upgradeable to ICS v4.0???
    pls REPLY...!!!!!!!!!

    1. @akshay... when u take some of the specs in to consideration A9 has an edge over mi-355
      Processor - A9-1GHz Mi-355 800MHz
      Screen size - A9- 3.8 inch, Mi-355 3.5 inch
      Battery A9-1600 mAh, Mi-355 1420 mAh

      But Mi-355 will be available at a considerable lower price compared to A9

      Karbonn has not announced any ICS update for A9.

  9. actually.. A9 is the winner... the reason being... 3.8inch screen + 400x800 pixel resolution will give u higher ppi then 4inch screen of spice, this will also translate into faster graphic processing as the CPU has to process less pixels... as for internal memory, bigger is better becuase many apps require phone memory to be installed, and how can we forget the unwanted apps that come pre-installed and eat your internal memory!?... as for ICS jus like Spice, Karbonn has also promised ICS upgrade for A9... with the above factors taken into consideration, A9 is expected to run ICS more smoothly :) so buy A9, cos its better :)

    1. If the pixel resolution is same then it doesnt effect on cpu usage coz cpu will translate an image into the pixels not in the inches or cm.

  10. Hmmmmm I choose karbonn a9 cause its smoother then mi415 n working wth 512Mb internal ram cause its require for play ur hi reseulation games n in future it will be upgrade in ics so I m happy. :) n anyone tell me when karbonn will upgrade it in ics

  11. karbonn a9 is a slim and good looking but spice mi425 is not becouse it has 2000 mah duffle battry. so i think a9 1600 battry good enough against mi425 2000 battry. a9 inbuilt storage is maxx against mi425, so it download maximum apps. and a9 is more economic against mi425. so overall i think a9 is good enough against mi425.

  12. I m using karbonn A9 & i must confess that the phn has good memory, never lags,games runs smoothly,also this phn looks very decnt,when u operate this phn in front of people they will ask you about your good choice.i think this is far better then spice mi 425

  13. Is this possible to upgread a9 into ics