Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Xolo X900: Review

Xolo X900, world’s first Android smartphone powered by Intel Atom processor is all about style and performance. Combining Intel’s cutting-edge technology, the phone has been designed to provide a responsive, immersive, and engaging experience to address the needs of a dynamic smartphone for brisk lifestyle. 

Packed in an elegant unibody plastic chassis with rubberized back panel, Xolo X900 gives premium feel in hand and offers good grip in all weather. It has a toned flat body from all sides and this is why it is compared with iPhone.  It sports a 4.03 inch display with a bezel on sides. On the front, just above the display, there is a front camera and a silver colored speaker while below the display are four touch sensitive keys – Back, Option, Home, and Search. MicroHDMI finds its position on the left side of the body and right side homes volume control keys, micro SIM slot, and a camera shutter key. Audio jack and power key hold position on the top side. On the back of the phone, you will see an 8MP camera with LED flash on the top, Xolo in the middle, and ‘Inetl inside’ logo at the bottom. Definitely, Xolo X900 is a compulsive choice!

Homing Intel Atom 1.6 GHz single core processor, 400MHz PowerVR SGX540 GPU, and 1GB dual channel memory, Intel Atom Processor Z2460 provides an ideal platform for the device. 

Android Gingerbread, v2.3 comes boarded on the device while it can be upgraded to Android v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). 

Xolo X900 offers quite an impressive performance. Its single core Intel Atom processor with Hyper-Threading promises a better speed than dual core processor in many smartphones currently available in market. The smooth responsiveness of OS in term of loading apps and multitasking is appreciable. Thanks to the background processor for no delay in performance and make the brand stand straight on promise “BLINK AND IT’S DONE”. However, when it comes to graphic performance, Xolo X900 is poor! As per afore mentioned spec sheet, the gaming performance of device is not fulfilling the expectation. Finally, Xolo X900 is NOT for gamers. 

Power package is not impressive! The phone heats up when stressing task is done such as playing game and browsing web. Along with the discomfort that the heating of the phone poses, annoyance gets doubled with the arising need of frequent charging.  Battery life is a huge disappointment. Literally, you cannot expect your phone to breathe the whole day with single charging. You have to carry the adapter wherever you go. Battery sucks! Xolo fails in power management. 

With 1024x600 pixels, the 4.03 inch screen gives crisper and clearer resolution. No complaint! However, a weak viewing angle is somewhat annoying. 

In term of UI, Xolo X900 is winner. Navigating the phone is quite simple. Xolo has wisely wrapped around Android and produced a user-friendly UI. 

On software side, Xolo X900 is unexpectedly disappointing. It boards Android Gingerbread OS and everybody out was waiting for ICS, the latest Android OS. However, with a promise to upgrade the device to Android ICS, Xolo X900 is trying its level best not to lose customers!

The 8MP camera should have been more brilliant. You won’t experience any oomph factor in the images captured from this so called 8MP camera. The camera is not for indoor photography.  However, images captured in good light have a decent amount of depth and considerable crispness. As expected, video quality is equally poor with lack of crispness. Also the video capturing speed is not acceptable. 

Final judgment
Bearing a price tag of Rs 25999 and retailing in India market at Rs. 23,000, Xolo X900 is not a bad phone at all, especially considering the performance of the Intel Atom processor. Unfortunately, the phone as a package is not compulsive, but if you are in the market for an Android smartphone in this price range, the Xolo X900 is one among the best options.

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  1. Hi tarita, will the battery do well if heavy apps will not be used? Actually, I want to buy this phone. I usually do not play game on mobile. Should i go for it..reply?

    1. I think you can go for this mobile. According to one user review, with light usage, the phone can easily last for more than 40 hours. To read that review, read the review by Raghavendra Chintapenta at flipkart.com
      Link: http://www.flipkart.com/xolo-x900-mobile-phone/p/itmda3gbr76y7h5b?pid=MOBDA3FPTMUHCJQX&ref=24e5ebab-c199-429a-87fd-b98d1ea30fb0