Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Microsoft's Surface Tablet: Images and First Impression

The numero-uno tech conglomerate Microsoft took veils off two high quality tablets a few days ago. The tablets will appear on the retail shelves as Surface for Windows RT and Surface for Windows Pro. With the announcement of the surface series the market is brimming with the speculation that Microsoft has some concrete intentions of giving the tablet king Apple a fair run for the money. Let’s find out whether these tablets are really that good or it is all mere marketing hue and cry.

I want to clarify that the Surface for Windows RT is going to be the tab, which will function with Nvidia’s ARM devices inside and the other tab, the Surface for Windows Pro will do the same with Intel products.

Surface for Windows RT will be 9.3mm in thickness and will weigh around 676g whereas the other tab will be a little thicker and little heavier at 13.3mm and 903g. Both the tablets will be having a 10.6 inch screen, which will be Clear type HD display one.

The Surface RT will be hitting the market with two memory avatars: 32GB and 64 GB, whereas the Surface for Windows Pro will appear with 64GB and 128 GB versions. Surface RT will sport a USB 2.0 connectivity while the Pro will don USB 3.0.

Both of them will be able to stand on their own with the help of the kickstand that the makers have given them. At the present moment there is no info available about the processor specifications of either of the tablets. The fact about the tabs being able to run the full desktop version of the Windows 8 OS is still in ambiguity.

Though the full spec sheet is not in the day light but what appears from the first few glances, it seems to be a liable case for a global market super hit. Let us keep our fingers crossed and wait for the fall to come.  
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