Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Spice Online Retail Wins Two Indian eRetail Awards

Spice Online Retail (www.saholic.com) has secured two prestigious awards at the Indian Retail Congress organized by Franchise India on 25th April 2014 at Hotel Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon.

The first award is eCommerce Site Innovation Award, which has been given to www.saholic.com considering the tremendous advancements it incorporated, in terms of content, technology integration, service and marketing. The site’s developments are beyond the ordinary norms of click and buy.

The second award is “Best Mobile and Accessory Brand  with Outstanding eRetail Performance”, which is given to Saholic for the second consecutive year, considering the best practices the company follows in eCommerce business. “On Time Delivery” concept, which gives customers an assurance that he will be receiving the shipment on or before the promised date is the main feature that helped Spice improve customers’ trust. In case Saholic delivers an order later than promised date, the site compensates the customer, which is a feature sole to Saholic. Furthermore, the In Store Pick-up, which lets buyer pay online and collect the product from the desired Spice Hotspot outlet and Insurance Against Theft of the smartphone bought from Saholic, are two other features that made the site a winner in this category.

Franchise India has awarded best performers across various verticals in the Indian retail and e-retail industry. The players who enjoy big market share and those who drive innovations are awarded at the Indian Retail Congress.

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