Monday, 2 July 2012

Microsoft will Add a Curved Keyboard to Windows Phone 8

If you are one of those guys who face problems in handling your touch sensitive handset with just one hand of yours, here is some good news for you. The software kingpin Microsoft, in its next gen OS for mobiles, is going to include a keyboard that is specially designed for being used single handedly. The sources say that the OS is expected to hit the market in the fourth quarter of the year.
The aforementioned keyboard is spotted on some leaked presentation of the Microsoft Reasearch; it dons a curvaceous pattern that makes it a useful proposition for being used by the thumb.
The rumors about this kind of keypad were brewing for quite some time now; but the company never accepted the rumors to be anywhere near to being a real prospect. But now the chances are that the said curved keyboard will surface on the devices with the coming OS.  

According to the screen shots (courtesy WMPoweruser) some of the keys have been assembled together, but despite the jumbled up keys the users will be able to type with comfort and without the piquancy of having to look down every now and again.

It is almost a certainty that the new style keyboard will reduce the indistinctness related to the words being typed on the screen. The foremost thing that is to be seen is whether the said keyboard will be available right from the word go or will be brought to the fore later. Let us all keep our fingers crossed and wait for the fourth quarter of the year.           
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