Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The New iPad vs ASUS Transformer Prime: Tablets in Comparison

Tablets have announced their arrival, they have become the flavor of the season, talk of the town; you guys must have heard these clichés about the tablet PCs. Of course all of them are not true, laptops and ultrabooks are still relevant as they are used widely worldwide. But one thing is true that the tablets have come here to stay (another cliché) and they are rapidly making some vital ground for themselves.

When the market is so big, the competition for supremacy has got be fierce. But in case of tablets, it is all about keeping the kingpin ship intact for Apple, which is not just a market pioneer but the undisputed king of the genera. But the companies like Samsung,ASUS and others are rapidly making advancements towards the much coveted crown.  And in this post we are going to compare ASUS’s Transformer Prime Tablet with the New iPad, just in order to find how good the competition is there.

Size and Dimension
The iPad weighs 652g and has a dimension of 241.2 x 185.7 x 9.4 mm.  The ASUS Transformer Prime in reply weighs 586g and sports a dimension of 263 x 180.8 x 8.3 mm. The Transformer seems to have passed the test with distinction.

In the display section the iPad has a 9.7 inch LED-backlit IPS TFT screen, which has 16M colors and a pixel density of 2048x1536 that makes the ppi 264. The ASUS gadget has a befitting reply with a 10.6 inch Super IPS+ LCD. It too has 16M colors on offer and the pixel density is 1280x800, which makes the ppi 149. ASUS does not win the battle but it gives Apple a nice run for the money.

In the storage segment the iPad comes in three avatars: 16/32/64GB. It does not offer a slot for microSD card. On the other hand the Transformer Prime offers only two memory avatars: 32/64GB, there is a memory slot, which allows you to expand the existing memory till 32GB. I see this round going into the bag of ASUS.

The New iPad sports a 1GHz Cortex A9 dual core processor, which is well complimented by a 1GB RAM. In reply the ASUS Transformer Prime offers a 1.3GHz Cortex A9 quad core processor, which is seconded by a 1GB RAM. No need to describe the difference between a dual core and a quad core processor, the Transformer Prime wins the race hands down.

The iPad sports a 5MP camera on the back side of the body and a VGA camera on the front side for self portrait and video chatting. In reply the Prime offers you a thundering 8MP camera on the posterior and a 1.2MP camera on the front side of the body.  Once again the underdog pulls the rabbit out of the hat.

The iPad has a mammoth 42.5watt Li-Po battery that gives you a 10 hours and a standby time of 720 hours. The ASUS Transformer Prime has a relatively weaker 25watt battery, which gives you only half the work time and standby of Apple.

Other Features
There is no need to mention that the New iPad runs on iOS 5.1 and the ASUS thing works with Android Honeycomb and is upgradable to IceCream Sandwich. Both the machines have more or less similar connectivity features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB. Both of them have accelerometer, gyro, and compass. Mail and messaging is also similar with both having Email, IM, Push mail. Other features are also more or less the same.

The Verdict
After going through all the tech specs one might have the inkling that the iPad has been usurped from the top spot, but that is not the case; it takes the hardware and the OS to work in tandem for a device to become a success, that is the strength of iPad or any other Apple product. But if I say that the competition has become fierce and in the coming time the top spot could be anybody’s, that won’t be a overstatement.

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