Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos Vs Spice Stellar Mi-425

There was time when the big players of the mobile handset world were skeptical about adding dual-SIM specification to their top models, but the Indian makers weren’t; they had a strong belief that the domestic Indian market is a very congenial environment for pocket friendly things like a dual-SIM handset. The notion was vindicated as the dual-SIM handset became a huge hit in the market. And this made the MNCs think that they should enter the said field with vigor. And lo, there was a deluge of dual-SIM handsets in the market.
Today, we are going to compare two dual-SIM handsets. One is a MNC handset other an Indian made. Both of them were released this year and both of them made a foothold for themselves. The handsets are: Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos and Spice Stellar Mi-425. Let’s compare them head to head.
The Spice handset has a 1GHz Qualcomm processor, which is well complimented by a 512MB RAM whereas the Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos has an 832MHz processor, which is seconded by a 512MB RAM. Both the handsets are single core ones. Spice Stellar has a distinct edge over the Ace Duos in this segment.
In the display section the Spice Stellar Mi-425 has a 4.0 inch TFT LCD screen with a screen resolution of 800x480p. The handset has proximity and accelerometer sensor. On the other hand the Samsung Galaxy Ace has a relatively smaller screen of 3.5 inches with a pixel resolution of 480x320p. Both the handsets have support for multi touch. Here too the underdog proves to the unexpected victor.

Camera spec of the mobile phone gives it the cutting edge over the peers, the need of a camera on a mobile handset is arguable but the above mentioned statement is unarguable, it is true. The Samsung handset offers you a 5MP camera with lots of additional features. The Spice Mi-425 has a 5MP camera on the back side of the body and it sports a VGA front camera for video call and self portrait. The back camera is supported by an LED flash.
This comparison might suggest that the Spice handset wins the game hands down but that, in actuality, is far from being true. The Samsung camera is pretty strong and efficient. What gives the Stellar the cutting edge is the LED flash and the presence of the front camera.
There is no need to tell how important the battery spec is for a phone, everyone knows that. The Spice Stellar Mi-425 comes packed with a Li-Ion 2000 mAh battery, which is capable of bequeathing a humongous talk time of 6 hours and a robust standby time of 8 days.  Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos replies with a seemingly tinier battery of 1300mAh but when we look at the talk time we get to fathom why Samsung is the market leader in mobility; the handset gives you a marathon talk time of 16 hours and an unbelievable standby time of 23 days. Samsung wins easily.

The Spice  Stellar has GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity and USB for wired data transfer. Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos has the same features in the segment. Tie.
Operating System: Both the handsets are Android run devices, both of them comes with Android Gingerbread 2.3 on board. But being ICS upgradable gives the Mi-425 a slight command over the Ace Duos
The Price Tag
The Ace Duos, if purchased online form a reputed site like saholic.com, costs the buyer around INR 12,900. The Spice Stellar Mi-425 will cost you a meager INR 9999. This is the biggest advantage of Spice Mi-425 over the Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos.

The Verdict
One might get tempted to say that the Spice Stellar Mi-425 wins the battle hands down, but we should always keep one thing in mind that if Samsung is the kingpin of mobile world then there are some valid reasons for that-reliability- that is the word. Samsung gives you reliability that is the most valuable spec that a buyer looks when he goes to buy a handset. But if Spice can provide-there is no reason it can’t-that it can defeat the big fish like Samsung in the mid range mobile section. Spice Stellar Mi-425,that is the phone for you.
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