Thursday, 5 April 2012

Micromax to Launch a Solar Mobile Phone

Ever since it came into existence, the Gurgaon based handset maker Micromax has been the epitome of innovative technological prowess of the country. From the year 2008 when the company launched its first phone which had a 30 day battery life to its latest plan to launch a handset which will run on the solar energy it has remained the same - innovation personified.  
The thing might, at the first moment, seem to be supercilious but it is not. The handset has been designed for the rural part of the country where there is very little or no power supply. The phone that can work on the solar energy could prove to be a boon to the rural folks.     
It is speculated that the handset will give the user a talk time of 1.5 hours if it is charged in the sun for a period of 3 hours. Sources say that the launch may occur as soon as next week but the company has maintained a mum over the pricing of the proposed gadget. But there are expectations that the handset will be priced under 2000 bucks.
“We have been at the forefront of innovation. We were the first to launch long battery life phones, dual SIM phones and many more. Our next innovation is to get rid of the mobile phone charger by including a solar panel in our next phone”, Rahul Sharma the co-founder of the company told the media.

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