Thursday, 20 September 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 – Five New Features

We got an opportunity to touch and feel the best phablet in the world - Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – in an event hosted by Samsung at Radisson Blu, New Delhi. Besides having elite attributes like 5.5 inch HD super AMOLED display, 1.6GHz quad core processor with 2GB RAM, and Android 4.1 Gelly Bean OS, the device boasts some cool features, which make it extraordinary for people who feel to pen down everything in their day to day life! Some of the features that make the device stand out in the smartphone segment are given 

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 First Look

S Note
The S Note is the app exclusively designed for Galaxy Note. Converting your own handwriting into text and free hand drawing into perfect polygonal shapes were never been so easy. Interestingly, you can even write a complicated mathematical formula on the screen using the S Pen; it will recognize and reproduce digitally.

Quick Command
I would say, this app is similar to Google Voice Search. The difference is instead of voice, the commands need to be penned down using S Pen. You can open the command pad by swiping upward on the screen with the S Pen button pressed. On the command pad, you can write certain shortcut, which will automatically open the desired app on the device. You can also create custom commands for your convenience. For example if you simply write “ # Rahul”, it will take you to the particular contact. If you write “?Nikon L120” it will open the Google search page for Nikon L120. Isn’t it cool?

Best Faces
Samsung has bestowed something really interesting in the camera segment. Best Faces feature is specially designed for clicking group photos. When you click a group photo with a normal camera, you should be lucky enough to get a photo with all faces looking best. With the Best Faces feature, Note 2 shoots multiple shots and allows you to choose the best face for each person in the group and stitches them together to give a best group photo.

The new AirView UI recognizes the S Pen when it is just a few millimeter away from the display screen. How is it going to make a difference in the user interaction with the phone? Well, it gives absolute control and precision of the mouse pointer making the commands easier. You don’t need to actually click to do many actions; you can open the content of a new email as a popup, by just keeping the S Pen slightly above the notification on the screen. You can also see the preview of the content of a folder by doing the same. Also you can see the live preview of the video while hovering over the video timeline, without touching the screen.

AirView feature

Popup Play
Samsung introduced this feature in Samsung Galaxy S III. Samsung calls it as a productivity feature because with this feature you can watch a video and simultaneously use other applications. The video will be played on the screen as a small popup, which can be dragged and placed anywhere on the screen. The rest of the screen area can be used for other applications such as email etc.

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