Friday, 6 January 2012

JustDial Android App - Your Best Guide

How many of you know about the Justdial application for mobile phones? Well! I wasn’t aware of this application and after I downloaded it on my Android device, I am finding the app to be extremely useful. With the application, Justdial has tried to bring its bottomless local listings into your mobile phone.

Here’s the quick review of the Justdial mobile application:

The application is available for free on Android Market and you just have to download it. Since the overall appearance of the application is clean, you will find it easy to get started.

The application uses GPS and cellular network info to detect the location. You can also change the location in case you are looking for search results in some other area.

You will see two search boxes on the home screen. 

What – This is a category specific search column. Whether you are looking for the contact or location information of a company or a restaurant in a specific area, you just have to type in the category. When you start entering the alphabets, the application will also show some relevant suggestions in the dropdown.

Where – You have to specify the location for which you want the search results to be displayed. You can enter the name of the specific place or ask the application to find out relevant results nearby your location.

There are a few interesting tabs you will see on the home screen and Hotkeys is one of them. When you click on Hotkeys, boxes with specific categories will appear on the screen. All these are additional features provided in the Justdial mobile application.

Tag Your Friend (TYF) –  TYF is a social sharing feature that shows you the reviews & ratings of pubs, restaurants, or other services given by your tagged friends. The feature is still in the coming soon stage.

Restaurants – What I like the most about this app is categorization of restaurants on the basis of price. Without wasting time, you can find out the restaurants in your locality that fits into your budget.

Movies – Get a list of movie theaters along with ratings and show timings.

Deals – This feature is still in its development phase. Soon you will be able to get discount deals on products as well as services on Justdial application.

Doctors – This one is my favorite because the results are sorted out intelligently. You don’t have to exhaust yourself going through the long list of doctors, when you are specifically looking for a pediatrician. The categories are divided based on the areas, hospitals, or the stream specialized in. The screenshot below will explain you everything.

Some other interesting features of the Justdial app:

When I searched for restaurants near sector 18, Noida, I got a list of restaurants along with the reviews & ratings given by visitors. After clicking on one of the restaurants, I was able to see the phone number of that place & the best part is that you can send this information to any of your friends directly via message or email.


One thing the app lacks in is getting location based listing when we go to the Hotkeys tab. My default search was for places & services in Malviya Nagar, Delhi. But, when I went to the Hotkeys and used the restaurants feature, I was shown the list of places in Delhi & NCR. I was expecting the application to use the location detail that I have already entered for carrying out the next search.

Overall, the application is worth installing in your Android device. And you can completely rely on the contact & map information provided by Justdial in these listings.

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