Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Bada to Get Replaced with Tizen: Samsung

Samsung has publically announced its plan of merging its Bada platform with Tizen - a Linux-based platform, jointly developed by two Linux groups backed by Samsung and Intel. The new platform is expected to give Samsung a competitive edge for its mid-range devices, while the company continues its success in the high-end Android devices. The open source operating system is designed to power many devices including mobile phones. It uses almost same technologies as the obsolete MeeGo, another Linux-based platform jointly developed by Nokia and Intel. Tizen is expected to gain wide acceptance from the industries and consumers, owing to its support for HTML-5, which is touted to be the future of web content.

Samsung will launch one or two Tizen phones this year. The company has assured that the new platform will support applications written with Bada Software Development Kits (SDKs) and developers of both platforms will get same SDKs and APIs to work with. However, it has uttered no words whether the current Bada devices will be upgraded to Tizen.   

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