Monday, 2 January 2012

2012 – The Year of Smartphone and Tablet

There has been substantial amplification in the mobile communication over the past few years.  With already, huge development and introduction of new technology everyday in the mobility ground, mobile phones have become vital element of our lives. And now mobile phones are not only phones, they have become smartphones with really smart features. Phones have now evolved as an all rounded tools, which can provide an easy and uninterrupted communication, information, and entertainment. One can indulge in video phone, play motion games, handle business, watch television shows, and surf Internet on smartphone. Besides these, one can book train, flight & movie ticket on your phone, enjoy seamless mobile banking, and more. Above all these, your phone is now your payment card – thanks to NFC technology! In 2012, we can perform our all day-to-day work using mobile technology on smartphones and tablets. So, 2012 is the year of smartphone and tablet.

We can expect an accelerated development in the mobile technology. Here’s quick look at what we can see in 2012:

·         E-payment support
·         Better battery life
·         Improvement in camera, image processing capability may be added
·         Flexible phone
·         Biometric technology for locking device
·         Android 4.0 platform will be the leader
·         Windows Phone trend may pace up
·         Windows tablets may be coined
·         Dual-core devices will be replaced by quad-core devices
·         Apple may launch its much rumored iPhone 5
·         With Adobe’s announcement of no longer pursuing Flash development, HTML 5 will gain momentum
·         Emphasis will be given on voice recognition apps
·         Video calling feature will be commonly adopted
·         Health feature may become handy through smartphones and tablets
·         4G can be adopted

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