Sunday, 22 January 2012

Is your cellphone an addiction? Beware!

Are you afraid of living a day without your cellphone? Does your cellphone accompany you from bathroom to bedroom? If yes, then you need to reassess your relationship with it and create a space. Kindly put away your phone and consider a break.

A research revealed cellphone obsessed people get depressed and they suffer from anxiety when they do not receive any message or updates.  The research was interesting and true as well. UK researchers conducted a survey and found “People often feel their phone is ringing even when it is not”. People check their phones more often when they are stressed or they do not receive updates for long. I found the research to be very practical when I compared to my situation. You might be surprised to know that I often wake up at midnight to check if my phone is ringing! This is not only my story. I shared my phone-obsession with few of my friends and I found they are also hooked very closely to their cellphones in the same way.

A vast number of people are addicted to their cellphones and they deny the fact that their cellphones are causing restlessness, insomnia, anxiety and even depression. There are so many people who can't sleep without their cellphones next to them. They are so anxious to keep checking their phones for messages or alerts that they end up sleeping very late or losing sleep. A space is needed to maintain a smooth relation. A healthy relation is one which allows both partners to have their own space otherwise the relation would be in a stressed state. It is a fact that stress associated with cellphone usage will grow rapidly if remain unchecked. At times, let your partner-the phone- stay numb.

Check if you are a cellphone addict or not…
1.    You miss your phone when you are in bathroom (initial level)
2.    You tweet, punch message, and call somebody while you are on pot (extreme level).
3.    You keep checking update of your phone in midst of a face-to-face conversation with someone.
4.    Your heart beats go unusually up when you step out and realize that you have left your phone behind.
5.    You remain glued to phone when your spouse, child, friend or parents are at home.
6.    You charge your phone more than once in a day even when the battery condition of your phone is good.
7.    You get tensed when you are in no network area.
8.    You check your phone after every ten-twelve minute for updates.
9.    You want your phone on your bed.
10. You don’t want to visit a place where carrying phone is not permissible.

If you find 3 similar habits above mentioned, you are at initial phone-stress level. You can manage your cellphone life easily. If you have 5 habits similar, you are addicted to your phone and need to work to rectify it. Your passiveness to your phone can strain up your life and you may face the consequences. If you find all above mentioned points as a part of your usual lifestyle, you need an anti-cellphone therapy to regain a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some re-hab tips that can let you balance your strained relation-
1.    Switch off your phone before sleeping. If possible make a habit of not answering call after 10 in night, unless it is too urgent.
2.    Try to avoid picking phone when you are with your family or busy in some urgent tasks.
3.    Follow no-phone rule at the dining table and bathroom.
4.    Stop your phone browsing habit. If possible take off the mobile data plan.
5.    Consider keeping the phone away during weekends.

Friends! I am neither anti phone nor anti-social. I also have a mobile phone, as you all do and I love my phone. But I hate all types of addiction and stressed relation. I want my friends and readers of this article to think and decide… whether you want a successful social and family life with the support of a smart electronic gadget or you want to let the smart electronic gadget to crash your social and family life…


  1. The blog is quite interesting and I could relate myself completely with it. I am sure it will prove helpful with the suggestions.

  2. the story is quite close to my situation..i think most of the people experince the same way as yuo mention TARITa....the tips you mentioned is great. If not all, i will try swithing off my phone after 10 in the night. I really appreciate your though and expressions.

  3. I agree you are right but i think it is not possible to get rid of this addiction in this age of communication.

  4. Hey Tarita,
    I am regular visitor of your blog - Your PLatform India. there i found the link of this story and consider visiting as the abstract was interesting and after reading the whole things I just want to say thanks to you to making me reallize that i am also addicted to my phones. I am gonna follow your rehab tips to get back to normal life.

  5. Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!very true.........