Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Google Android Market Hits 400,000 Apps Milestone

Google has ended the year 2011, with a great achievement; It has crossed the 400,000 active apps milestone in the Android Market, according to Distimo, an organization providing valuable insight into the app store market for developers, carriers and device manufacturers. Market has almost 100,000 active publishers, contributing to that total. The application store has marked the 200K and 300K available apps milestones in April and August 2011, respectively. The percentage of free applications has grown consistently and now the proportion of free apps has reached about 2/3rd of the total apps.

On top of it, Google Android Market has almost reached a second milestone as well. It has approximately more than 100K publishers active, creating more and more apps for Android users. The average app count published by each developer is coming to about 4.1. It is interesting to note that Google is taking all efforts to maintain the cleanliness of the Market by removing many apps that infringe copyrights or malware that trigger various privacy issues to Android users.

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