Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Bigger, Better, and More Powerful Samsung Galaxy Note Set for August 15 Launch

Finally, the time has come for the rumors to take a corporal form, till now the GalaxyNote 2 was merely a rumor, a very hard proposition even to believe; but the Note 2, according to some very reliable sources, is now official.

All the specifications of the phablet have not come to light but the Note 2 seems to be few steps ahead (if not many) of the existing Galaxy Note. Let us have a quick look at the most perceptible changes in the newer note.

As expected the Note 2 will be bigger in size than the Galaxy Note (whether it was necessary or not remains to be a point of argument). The size will be 5.5 inches this time 0.2 inches more than the Note. Then it is also conjectured that this time the RAM is going to be 1.5GB, which was 1GB in the Note.

Unlike the existing Note, the Galaxy Note 2 will not be a region specific 4G LTE handset; but in a country like India where 3G is region specific the feature seems to be a little redundant. Then if you are a credulous person you might believe that the Note 2 will be coming to light with an Exynos 5250 CPU built on ARM Cortex-A15 processor architecture.

The camera of the handset is still in the dark, some say that it will be the same 8MP camera whereas some pundits surmise that it will be somewhere between 10 to 13MP. But one thing is clear as daylight that it will house a front facing camera like its elder brother.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will come preloaded with Android ICS 4.0, no Gingerbread to start with like in the existing Note. Indian Independence Day will come as a judgment day for the Note 2. 

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