Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Nokia to Come up with Windows 8 Phone Next Month; Pics Leaked

If the rumors are deemed to be the foreshadow of the events to come-and there are solid reasons here that they are- the giant Finnish handset maker Nokia is going to announce its first Windows 8 mobile phone next month. The image of the prototype has started to float on the Internet. A number of those images are fake but some seem like real images.

Real or fake, one thing is for sure that Nokia is going to be the first manufacturer to come up with the first Windows 8 mobile handset. Microsoft has already indicated that most of the Windows 7.5 existing handsets in the market won’t be getting the Windows 8 update, though in order to placate its customers Microsoft has made it clear that the Windows 7.5 Mango users can upgrade their devices to Windows 7.8. But, this looks more like a market strategy than a way to give the customers the best services.

The leaked images of the prototype indicate a strong resemblance to Nokia Lumia 900. The said prototype does not have a name at the present moment but we can safely assume that it is, the marking that the company has given to it.

Right now we don’t have info about the hardware specification of the handset, but you never know, like the pics the specs might just also be found on the net soon.    

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