Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Siri – Apple leaps ahead of Google

Developing artificial intelligence has been one of the most cherished dreams of developers and now with the “always-on” Internet connectivity and advancements of communication technology, we are witnessing another gradual evolution. A new breed of mobile speech recognition apps, hinging on intelligent design, has been launched in the market that can operate with astounding accuracy and speed. Though, Speech technologies have been around for years; users found it really frustrating, as they required them to train the software for optimum recognition or speak bit by bit. Users often had to abort their efforts to make calls, send SMS, or search Internet through voice commands, switching back to the conventional input by typing.

Siri- the voice-activated software developed for Apple devices on iOS 5 platform – is marking its success in revolutionizing the way human interact with the mobile device.  With this voice-assisted personal digital assistant app, you can ask your phone questions, receive responses, and activate many functions such as messaging, calling, and searching on Internet using voice commands. This impressive software functions with great accuracy compared to the conventional speech recognition apps and gives a competitive edge to iPhone 4S, which is runs on iOS 5 platform.

Apple has been working intelligently for developing this software and making it a cash cow for iOS 5 devices. The speed and accuracy of this service is now attributed to Apple’s tie-ups with various 3rd party companies for acquiring backend services to power Siri, which is still in its infancy. As it grows up, it will be incorporated in all types of searches conducted in Apple devices including iPhones, iPads, or Mac PCs. At that stage of business, we can expect a gradual but intelligent decision from Apple to tighten the revenue-related relationships with the 3rd party service providers. On the basis of the pro-acquisition strategies of new COO, Tim Cook, Apple may even buy major database companies like Yelp and rely mostly on its own databases, diverting search queries to other databases only when they can’t find the information in their own databases. Such efforts will considerably drive revenue to Apple itself.

Apple is eying at capitalizing maximum on Siri services in two different ways: one by creating as much revenue as possible from the users and two by entering into the search business, giving very tough competition to big players like Google and Bing. Let’s wait and watch the next steps by Google to defend!

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  1. Considering it only works on the 4S at present, I suspect the iPad 3's selling point will partly be Siri support which will hopefully push sales of the newest iPad over that of previous generations.