Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Android Game Review - Brother in Arms 2: Global Front

Do you swear by the deadly efficacy of WW2 weapons? Do you drive a Panzer in your sleep? Are you a WW2 shooter aficionado? Do you own droid smartphone? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you are in for more action with the release of Brother in Arms next offering for mobile gaming on Android. Brother in Arms: Global Front takes you to battlefields all over the globe in Allied quest to rout the Axis powers. The 1st person shooter offers some serious gaming with awesome graphics, equally engaging cinematics and musical score. Game itself starts with a face-off with Japanese and takes you all the way to heart of the third ReichGermany via North Africa and Sicily and Normandy. The game follows on another Gameloft release of 2009, which was a squad based 3rd person shooter game. We decided to have a review of this acclaimed game to see for ourselves whether the game really makes a cut. So, continue reading folks.


With BoA 2: Global Front, Gameloft has again proved their supremacy over mobile first shooter games. The general artwork and fluidity of gameplay actually manage to create an impression of watching a movie. The game effects like explosions, bullet tracers, buildings blowing away create a realistic battlefield ambience and promise total immersion into gameplay. Wide range of controlling options - as seen earlier in N.O.V.A. and Modern Combatis given in this game too. You if you played those games, you'll find yourself really comfortable with controls. The screen tap feature lets you move and shoot at the same time and if you combine that with auto target lock on your enemy, the effects are nothing less but deadly. The game has been divided into 13 chapters, each highly connected to each other. You cannot save the game at your whim as the game follows checkpoint saving mechanism. But we don't think that would hold you up as once you start playing, stopping is an option an avid gamer would rarely consider.

The game features both single player and multiplayer modes, you can keep coming back at it even after finishing the storyline to turn on the heat on your friends. Multiplaying is available both, over the Bluetooth as well as on Wi-Fi and you can play with up to 5 players simultaneously. The Multiplayer gaming has been designed to be more activity driven to make you go out and hunt instead of just lurking in a corner waiting for the prey.


Though the experience is excellent when you factor in the screen size, musical score and the graphics of this game, there is still much left to be desired. The first one is the AI, or rather say nonexistent AI. The script of AI units is very flat and the units make no effort to take the fight to you. Most of the time, they just run to their positions and hold their ground, until you mow them down. There are instances, however, when they do charge at you but then shaking them off is a breeze. Gameloft must do something in this regard to make gameplay more challenging.

Then there is the linear nature of gameplay. Being a FPS, Gameloft should have provided some free space for the players to move and explore but that is not the case with this one. Bright green beacons keep lighting up all the time to guide you along the chosen path, which seem irritating at times. Moreover, moving out of the action zone in search of some diversion instantly grants you death penalty. Not justified Gameloft!

The Deal

Although there are some really good FPS titles available out there in the market, there are not really many which let you drive a vintage tank or roam around in a jeep on your Android. The game is undoubtedly thrilling with good storyline, 3D effects and sound effects but at the same time rather ambivalent AI units spoil the whole mood and make it appear like a target practice session. I wonder what would have happened to this one if multiplayer mode had not been added to it. So, if you really want to have a scenic tour of authentic WW2 battlefields and slug it out with your friends over multiplayer mode, then Brother in Arms 2: Global front is the game for you.

Some compatible smartphones:

Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001
Samsung Galaxy R I9103
Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 P7500
LG Optimus Black P970
LG Optimus 3D P920
HTC Sensation Z710e
Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini ST15i
Sony Ericsson Xperia pro MK16i
Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc LT15i
Motorola Xoom MZ601


  1. Couldn't agree more-I've had this for ages on my Xperia Play and it is really good!

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