Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Gaming on Phone

Today’s smartphones have proved to be greatly successful in converging a multitude of functions - as a communication device, music player, movie player, digital camera, and payment system - giving great convenience and entertainment to users. But its amazing gaming potential that allows you to chase the score of your friend and defeat him in real time is something that keeps youngsters hooked to smartphone these days. Driven by growing adoption of smartphones, social networking and mobile computing; the mobile gaming is gaining impetus.

Gaming in groups is a very interesting way of social integration. We have seen a transformation in social gaming – We have moved though card games and board games (chess, ludo, monopoly, etc) to video games played on TV screens in multiplayer mode and then to online games, played on PCs or laptops. And not to surprise, it has made its way into mobile phones as well.

Farm Ville, the most popular game on Facebook is now available on your mobile. The game is available in App Store and Android Market for download. Now, harvest crops and build up your farm and grow exponentially with your community on your iPhone or Android phones. City Ville is also available for download to iPhones. Besides these, there are innumerable social gaming apps are available in App Store, Android Market, Ovi Store, and other application store for different smartphones.

The popularity of social gaming is increasing day by day. Michel Guillemot, CEO of mobile game publisher Gameloft said “the future of social gaming is on mobile phones and away from Facebook.” As on present, Facebook is the major social gaming platform for the folk. Witnessing the fact that the mobile phones have overtaken the PC in terms of preferred Internet access device, application developers are being encouraged to develop mobile friendly apps.

Majority of people spend time on Internet for social gaming and social networking. Therefore, the players in game world are now focused on mobile social games. There is no exaggeration in saying that online games are moving from ‘social games’ to ‘mobile social games’.

Gamers can also play multi player video games wirelessly through Bluetooth. The introduction of NFC technology has also given an impetus to social gaming on mobile phones. One can connect two or more NFC enabled smartphones and play multiplayer games with full zeal.

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