Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Apple for Autocracy, Google for Democracy

Indeed, Apple revolutionized the telecommunication industry with its ground breaking technology by introducing iPhone and iPad. However, it doesn’t mean that Apple is an angel. Apple’s comment on Google’s Android for being fragmented reveals the sense of terror in giant for fading away of its autocracy in the smartphone world. This is not the first time Apple has embroiled in the war of words. Apple sued Samsung, Motorola, and HTC many a times for patent infringement of designs. It also sued and Microsoft over the use of the term ‘App Store’ to describe its new Android digital app portal. Apple’s desire of establishing monopoly in the market for its smartphones and the related terms has kept in the lawsuit limelight.

Apple use patent as an armor for establishing complete autocracy in the mobility ground. It keeps on decimating competitors through a design patent suit. Its business model seeks monopoly and is feared of those offering openness. Therefore, it says Google’s Android is fragmented as Google allows different manufacturers to use its operating system on their phones and tablets. People love style. With Google’s openness they can get the blessing of superior software packed in a device they want. Apple is looser when it comes to style. Its look is similar whether it is an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4S. Therefore, Google’s Android is capturing the market exponentially and on the other hand Apple has to see downfall in its market share.

Increasing popularity of Google’s Android is both threatening and annoying Apple. Its frustration is fairly reflected in its language – fragmented Android. Gone are the days of autocracy, people are lover of democracy. When Apple is creating a small habitat, within which users are restricted to fly, Android gives its users a broad ecosystem, where they can explore a wide range of possibilities. The availability of small budget phones with Android OS has helped Google acquire significant share of the market. Along with price, giving a choice of hardware, screen size, brand etc, would definitely help  Google to expand its ecosystem worldwide. Google’s strategy based on openness and coexistence is definitely aa threat to Apple.

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