Sunday, 11 December 2011

Android game review : Hangman from Spice Labs

In the age of XBoxes, Playstations and smartphones, where you don't like to settle for anything less than advanced 3D graphics and agumented reality, the charm of playing a classic board game just refuses to die. This is pretty much evident with the huge downloads, games like backgammon etc have raked in on different smartphone apps stores. Hangman from 'Spice Labs' is one such classic word game, which after its enormous success on BlackBerry app world and Nokia OVI store, has been made available on Android Market too. Hence, we decided to give it's Android version a shot.

First thing that came to our mind is the no frills game interface. On the main menu itself, you are given five word-themes to select from. Once selected, the game takes you to next slide where you have alphabets listed in the lower half of the screen and blank spaces given above for the word in question. You also have a hint to make it easier to you to guess the right word. Each wrong entry completes a portion of hangman caricature, starting with noose. You have maximum of eight attempts to zero in on the right word else your 'man' goes down to gallows.

The gameplay is pretty addictive and you can just go on and on until you really exhaust your dictionary. But hang on, there are still lots of tricks up the sleeve of this little app. Sliding across the main menu reveals Facebook login page to link the game to your Facebook account. Once linked, the app automatically syncs with your account and pulls names of your friends and other interesting stuff and bundles that information into new game themes for you to play. You also recieve a bonus Facebook theme skin for your game after linking your Facebook account.

Next comes the daily board which is updated with 20 new words daily (25 on Sunday), keeping the game fresh and challenging. You can also check out your weekly score and ranking here. Final words: the Spice Labs has really scored a winner here. Though Hangman is an excellent game for all ages alike and pretty much informative too, we would have loved if the game had multiplayer feature too. I hope our guys at Spice are listening! So keep on guessing folks, 'cause every right guess can save the life of our little buddy!

Spice Hangman is a free app and can be downloaded from Android Market. 
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