Monday, 12 December 2011

Why Android?

Gartner report confirms that 52% of all smartphone sold globally in third quarter of 2011 were Android powered. Definitely, it will be the king of smartphone world by 2012. There are lots of reasons to quote why Android is better than other mobile operating systems.
Wider choice:  Competition is driven by creating more options to choose from; and that’s what the idea upon which Google capitalized. If you want to use iOS, you are bound to buy Apple product. If you want to buy Symbian OS, you are bound to buy Nokia phones. If you want to use BlackBerry OS, you are bound to buy BlackBerry phones. But if you want to use Android OS, you have a wider range of brands available, including Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Micromax, Spice and more. Even within brands, choice is wide with products that differ in price, screen size, processor, color etc; the result is escalating customer base.

More apps: The Market app comes pre-installed in Android phone, which acts as a gateway to a huge pool of both free and paid apps to choose from. Users can download and install multiple apps on their phones by just a few clicks to serve their time-to-time needs. This makes it analogous to Apple.

Enhanced web surfing experience: Android Webkit browser is capable of providing lightening fast web browsing experience. On android based phones, the browser lets users experience the full Web and easily flip through other open applications, making it much PC-like. Other than Webkit, multiple browsers including Firefox, Opera Mini and Dolphin are available on Android Market. Android version 2.2 and above have Adobe Flash support, which enables users to play Flash videos embedded into websites.
Software flexibility: With other operating systems, there is limited scope for tweaking and customization. Android plays in an open environment. Along with apps on Android Market, the OS enables users to download many apps from places like online forums or developers’ websites.

Android is moving fast: The platform has demonstrated astounding pace of development. In a small span of just 4 years, 9 versions of Android have been released, with 17 updates in all. Users can install the latest updates, as and when they are released to keep their device state-of-the-art. Note the fact that Apple has just released its iOS5 and BlackBerry just touched its OS7.

Availability at lower price: Smartphones with iOS or BlackBerry OS are often placed in a higher price category, which is revolting many price sensitive customers. Android-based smartphones are available in a wide price range from Rs. 6000 to 35,000

Android takes you to Google Age: We are living in Google-age. Android phones make all Google services including Google Search, Gmail, Gtalk, Google Maps, and YouTube handy to us. And more Google apps are available free in the Android Market.

No more viruses on your phone: Android devices are protected from the viruses, though not faultless. It can be attacked by malwares but your data are free from the deadly viruses that can corrupt your system and applications. You just need to install anti-malware application to keep your phone away from malwares. An interesting info; iOS holds the record in OS being hacked and Android remains UNHACKED after 3 or 4 years of trying.


  1. Yes, android is the ruler and thanks for imforming that iOS does not support Flash....i was thinking to buy iPhone 3GS, bt now am planning for Samsung Galaxy SL...hope this is a nice phone

  2. Yes, Samsung Galaxy SL is a nice phone. It supports Adobe Flash 10.1
    You can grab a good deal here

  3. Hey, i want to buy Galaxy Y which is an android phone but its camera is not that good, only you have any idea of a phone with good camera in the same price range and similar look. look is a factor for me...if not, i will buy galaxy only only....

  4. If you are looking for android phone in the same price range and similar look, you can go with Spice Mi-350n (3MP main camera & VGA secondary camera). You can also consider Sasmung Galaxy Fit (5MP camera)and Samsung Galaxy Pop (3MP camera). You can find good deal on these phones on

  5. i bought galaxy y and i think is the best if one goes 4 the looks... yes, the cam is only 2mp bt delivers really good quality images both during day n nite n i quite good for regular photography without a digital or an slr... the price is too cheap for a ph which comes with hsdpa n wifi...